22 Apr 12 at 9 pm


My sister, Natalie Phillips, known as ‘Tal’, has gone missing; believed to be in the Manchester area but not restricted to. She was dropped off at Blackburn train station (Vue entrance) at around 5:55pm on Friday 20/04/12 carrying a small suitcase on rollers and a black quicksilver rucksack with white writing on. She was wearing jeans and had with her  hoody with ‘Talie’ embroidered on the back and also a large 3/4 length black vinyl coat (shiny) with grey streaks. 

We last had contact with Tal at around 8pm on the same day. Normally, she’d return home as planned by midday the following day. We have still had no contact as I write this at 10:34am on 22/04/12. 

The only information she gave us about her plans, included on the last received text, were her intention of going to the Frog and Bucket comedy club on Oldham Street. We’re trying to spread the word just in case anyone has any information whatsoever.

Please try and help. If you know anything, no matter how insignificant it may seem, it may help to bring our Tal back.

She’s 21, about 5 foot 5”, between 12 and 12.5 stone, blonde hair (dyed).

Please reblog, share, whatever you can do. 



If anyone has any information, has seen her please contact on trueblue93@hotmail.co.uk or twitter: almightyjamie

Best of luck, I hope you find her safe and soon. x

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